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Beyond Coding is a free 6-week summer program that gives emerging computer programmers in the New York City area the professional skills needed to help them succeed in their first job working with code. For 2016, Beyond Coding will host around 100 students through a partnership with Code to Work, a job seeker support program that places students into technical internships at Grand Central Tech companies. Each week, students will participate in one Beyond Coding course hosted at tech companies around NYC. At the end of the summer, as a celebration of the full program's completion, a workshop will be held to introduce students to recruiters and engineers so they can apply what they have learned and receive meaningful feedback on their job search.


New York City Tech Talent Pipeline

Launched in May 2014, the NYC Tech Talent Pipeline is a $10 million industry partnership designed to deliver quality jobs for our people and quality talent for our businesses. To deliver on this promise, the NYC Tech Talent Pipeline is working with public and private partners to define employer needs, develop training and education solutions, and deliver homegrown talent for 21st century jobs across the five boroughs.

If you, like me, had that life changing experience some time in your childhood where you entered some instructions into a screen and the machine executed them, well then you know the power of coding to make you think differently, make you think more, and endow you with superpowers that others just don’t have.
— Fred Wilson, Managing Partner at Union Square Ventures

Your coding career starts here

You’ve mastered the art of algorithms and explored emerging technologies … now put those skills to the test in your job search as a software developer. Students will leave the course prepped for life as a developer with our custom curriculum that will help you through your first year as a programmer and make you more marketable to companies in the city.

By the end of this 6-week course, you’ll go inside the offices of 6 amazing tech-focused NYC companies and become armed with the tools you need to:

  • Build out your resume and programming portfolio
  • Pass your next technical interview with flying colors
  • Explain complex, technical projects to many different types of teams
  • Learn how to pick up and adapt to new technologies
  • Understand Agile code development methodologies
  • Work collaboratively in a way that best suits your leadership style
  • Network with other developers and companies in the NYC area

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In August, Beyond Coding will host an end-of-program workshop for students who complete the entire 6-week course. Students will be given the opportunity to show off resume, interviewing, and networking skills they've learned throughout the summer. Tech recruiters and engineers will be in attendance to give students final tips, advice, and feedback they can apply to their individual job search.

Workshop location, date and time to be announced later this summer.

Frequently Asked Questions


  1. What is Beyond Coding?

    Beyond Coding is a free new summer program that sets out to equip emerging computer programmers in New York City with professional skills needed to help them succeed in their first job working with code. The program, slated to launch early July, is a direct response to the City's Tech Talent Pipeline efforts to grow our local tech ecosystem. Beyond Coding is a joint partnership among the following companies in New York City: Code to Work, Trello, Foursquare, American Express, Tumblr, Stack Overflow, and Codecademy.

  2. Why was this program created in New York City?

    With nearly five open jobs for every available software developer, the need for qualified technical talent is higher than ever. In New York City alone, there are currently 13,000 firms hiring for highly sought-after skills, such as web development, mobile development, and user-interface design. To meet this demand, it’s critical to rapidly onboard more software developers to the workforce.

  3. What’s the association between Beyond Coding and the NYC Tech Talent Pipeline?

    Beyond Coding was inspired by the mayor’s call to action to support the City's Tech Talent Pipeline, which is working to grow the city's tech ecosystem and prepare New Yorkers for 21st century jobs. We’ve developed this industry-led program as a way to support and amplify the Tech Talent Pipeline’s work in this arena.

  4. I’m seeking my first job as a programmer, can I join Beyond Coding?

    The 2016 Beyond Coding courses are generally only available to students involved in the Code to Work summer internship program at the moment. However, if you feel this course would greatly benefit you and you have completed a programming degree or bootcamp or similar undertaking, please contact us. We would be happy to discuss possible program entry.


If you have more questions, feel free to contact us at [email protected] and be sure to check out our LinkedIn and Tumblr pages.

If you are currently enrolled in a CUNY College, please register with our partner Code To Work